Ron Olman
112 W 97th St.
Kansas City, MO 64114
Spouse: Vykki
Will I be at the reunion? C'mon guys, you've known me over 40 years - do I ever miss a party? I've loved the other 3 reunions, and really look forward to seeing you all and catching up with you and making the connection again. May I just ask one small favor? Can we all right now just agree that Al Bastings is balder than I? (and has been for 30 years!)

Since 1974, I've been living in the Heart of America, Kansas City, Missouri. My family here consists of my wife of 24 years, Vykki, and our Dogger, Dusty. My son Jarrod, just turned 37, and lives in Vitoria Spain, and has just recently presented me with a beautiful granddaughter, Iris, to go along with my grandson, Lucas.

As some of you may remember, I've been involved career wise in the consumer electronics field. Seven years ago, I began my own company, and now preside over a staff of a dozen salespeople. We represent Sprint/Nextel products, primarily to businesses (although we also do individual plans also, in case you're looking). I also teach classes on the Treo PDA phones here in Kansas City, and soon to be offering those nationally.

See you all in July !
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