Greg Cooke
205 Sunrise Drive East
Sun Valley, ID 83353
Spouse: Sandie
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Life since 1967.................

After graduating from Purdue University, I headed for the west coast, got a job in San Francisco with British Petroleum to design and build the Alaska Pipeline. The next thing I knew, I was in Alaska, working on the largest privately funded project in history. I left after the project ended in 1978 and moved to Lake Tahoe, to be a part time civil engineer and ski instructor at Heavenly Valley. There I met my best friend and wife, Sandie Marshall, the “wish they all could be California” girl of my dreams! I went back to work for BP in 1980 in San Francisco and then back in
Anchorage, Alaska again! Sandie agreed to marry me on the island of Kauai in 1982 and life has been sweet ever since!

My work included project management on oil & gas production facilities and Operations Management of the Alaska Pipeline and the Prudhoe Bay Production Unit. We’ve lived in 9 different places in Alaska, California, Texas, Louisiana and Idaho and I’ve been able to travel much of the US, Europe and the Middle East. After retiring from BP in 2002 and taking a couple years off to “smell the roses”, I joined NANA/Colt Engineering, a 300 person company in Anchorage, as Vice President, Business Development. I stayed there 3 years until I was invited back to BP, to help restore integrity to Alaskan Operations in Prudhoe Bay following 2 pipeline failures. I work a very enjoyable two week on, two week off schedule which gives Sandie and me plenty of time to travel, play and enjoy our time together.

I’ve had many incredible experiences in my life. The best was raising two beautiful daughters and participating in their magical childhoods. I coached girls softball (little league & high school), watched one daughter complete 4 years of varsity gymnastics and softball and the other complete 3 years of varsity soccer. In all, they won 8 State Championships, two of which I was lucky enough to coach. Allison graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2006 and San Jose State with a Masters Degree in 2009. Sami played soccer at the University of Montana in Missoula before graduating in 2010. Next best was piloting our boat from Seattle, through the Inside Passage and across the Gulf of Alaska on a month long family voyage of wonder and discovery. Whales, eagles, glaciers, otters, ice bergs, bears, waterfalls, dolphins, sea lions and the most incredible natural beauty and solitude imaginable!

Sandie, who was an elementary school librarian, retired in May of 2010 and I am once again leaving the corporate world at the end of 2011 for my Second, and hopefully final, RETIREMENT!!! We plan sell our home in Anchorage this summer and move back to our little mountain cabin in Sun Valley, Idaho to reconnect with old friends, neighbors and family. Since our last reunion, we have purchased a home in N. Fort Myers, about 2 miles from my Mom's house (my dad having passed away last March) where we plan to spend fall and spring with mom for the foreseeable future.
My sisters, Sue and Sheila are both married and live in Silverthorne, Colorado and Sun Valley, Idaho respectively.

I truly enjoyed the 40 Year Reunion and having a chance to reconnect with my old home town. The older I get, the more appealing the little old town on the river becomes! I'm already looking forward to visiting with many old friends that I had the great fortune of growing up with when the big 5-OH reunion rolls around. I hope EVERYONE will make the effort to be at the next one! Too much time and distance have come between us all.......