Tom Coleman
818 Valley Ct.
Swanton, OH 43558
Spouse: Pat
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After graduation, I went on to attend what was then called Penta Tech at the time to study computer programming and operations. During one of the business courses, we were assigned a project where we had to fill out an application for employment at a major Toledo firm to experience what it is like to go through an interview. As a result of this project, I was asked by Owens-Illinois to come back for a second interview where I was offered a position in their Computer Operations Department. For the next thirty-two years I watched the company expand its operations to the highest level of expertise as I also experienced many different facets of mainframe computers. In October 2000, I was offered an early retirement and left the company leaving behind many close friends. Knowing for many years that I would be taking an early retirement from Owens-Illinois, it was a long time dream to open my own hobby store and specialize in model railroading. Setting this as a personal goal, I decided to first work in a hobby store as a sales associate to find out what the hobby store business as really like. I discovered I got more enjoyment out of taking care of my customers and starting those with an interest in the hobby toward their own goal of building a railroad empire. I conducted classes and clinics teaching the fine art of building believable scenery. I taught many on the proper use of the airbrush. But after seven years, I wanted to spend more time building my own empire and left Hobbytown to pursue my new goals. I am now fully retired and spend every day working on my own model railroad empire while still helping others with their layouts. Pictures of my railroad layout can be seen on the pages of Facebook.

Pat and I have been married for forty-one years and have raised three children together. In addition to being a homemaker, Pat works for a company in Northwood, Ohio called TL Industries where she processes the many orders that come into her office each day. She has won many awards for her work as a professional seamstress. Most of her work centers around the new bride and her bridesmaids making all the dresses for the entire wedding party. She keeps herself very busy contracting five to six complete weddings per year.

Our eldest son, Christopher, retired from the US Navy on April 19, 2009 as a Chief Petty Officer. His entire career has been connected with operating nuclear power plants on submarines that had duty ports in Bremerton, Washington (USS Ohio SSBN-726 and the USS Alabama SSBN-731) and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (USS Tucson SSN-770). Chris finished his Navy career while stationed in Norfolk, Virginia where he watched over the training process of those shipmates who were learning how the Nuclear Navy operates. After retirement, Chris accepted a position at the Calvert-Cliffs Nuclear Facility in Lusby, Maryland where he works in the maintenance department. Chris and his wife, Samantha, now live in Great Mills, Maryland.

Our next son, Clayton, also entered the Navy after high school. He served for eight years in the nuclear power field teaching power plant operations and repair. At one time, he served on board the USS Nimitz CVN-68 as a Machinist Mate Nuclear Grade. While aboard the Nimitz, he experienced a round the world cruise where he took part in Operation Freedom in the Middle East. When the USS Nimitz came home from her Middle East tour of duty in 2000, the Navy offered me an opportunity to join Clay on board for a
four day Tiger Cruise from Mayport, Florida to its new duty station in Norfolk, Virginia for refueling. Clayton still lives in the Norfolk area and is working for a local electrical power company. Clay and his wife, Heidi, have five children.

Our daughter, Allyson, is a 2004 graduate of Bowling Green State University where she earned a degree in Communications. She now lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area where she works as a job and career counselor for challenged adults. Her goal is to become a director of a facility where she can do even more for all her friends. Allyson has become a huge NASCAR fan and never misses a race.