Mike Booth
1546 Riverview Ct.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Spouse: JoAnn
1967 seems like an eternity ago, and yet I can remember some events as if they were recent.

They were the best of times:
School, school, and more school preceded my marriage to my one and only wife, JoAnn. JoAnn was my date at our Senior prom. She continues to teach 5th grade in Holland, OH. I don't need to say that JoAnn is a saint for enduring me; my friends say it often. We raised 2 daughters together and enjoyed watching them mature. Our younger daughter Lisa, just had her second boy. So, we join the grandparent club with much pride and love for a 3 year old and a 4 month old. I am challenged by extensive travel and do not get to see them often enough, even though they live in Cincinnati.
While I read of retirement from classmates, mine seems very distant. I began my career with a sales rep group. I then broke out on my own and started my own company. My future son-in-law joined me and took that over when I decided to accept a position with Raytheon. I managed the infrared systems group and our product was used in the 9 missiles we manufactured, in addition to engineering applications and law enforcement. I became increasing involved in the law enforcement side and taught classes for the U.S. government counter drug and anti terrorist groups using infrared thermal imaging. My courses also were used at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. I was very involved with Ground Zero in New York doing on site technical evaluations. This was a very sobering experience since I had 4 company colleagues on one of the planes. For the 2 years preceding 9/11, I was on the same flight schedule originating from Boston while completing an executive course at Harvard. I have also worked many other projects with the government. I worked with Aruba on some projects concerning drugs and trained the Aruban police, organized crime unit, customs and immigration. I consulted with Aruba and the FBI on the more recent Natalie Holloway disappearance. I had worked from the American Embassy in Nassau, while assisting the U.S. D.E.A.
With drugs becoming the principal funding source for terrorism, my focus then lead me to be fully devoted to the agencies of the FBI and CIA. Currently, I am the director of ICX Technologies. We are headquartered in Scottsdale AZ. We combine 14 business units which all manufacture products used for surveillance and reconnaisance.
As I mentioned, I travel extensively, but I continue to have a home in Perrysburg. JoAnn and I have been long term skiers. I have been a member of Boyne Highlands ski patrol for over 30 years. We have also been fans of scuba diving, which leads to more travel as does skiing. I have discontinued flying, but became a pilot 13 years ago. Now motorcycling (Harley Davidsons, but no tattoos) and boating keep us busy in the spare time we create. My passion for sailing gave way to power and we ordered a new 42' Sea Ray 2 years ago which we live on during summer weekends.

They were the worst of times:
My oldest daughter Leslie was killed by a drunk driver in 1992. I have to continue with 60 hour work weeks to avoid the reality. Boyne Highlands Ski and Golf Resort in Harbor Springs, MI dedicated a ski run to my daughters’ memory and placed a bronze plaque on the sign. Leslie’s Quest is located in the North Peak area.
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