George Bock
Hi there everyone. Hopefully you can see the new picture I sent with my entire herd. Yes, Mary and I have SEVEN grandchildren now. Daughter Bridget and her husband Luke have FIVE children. Kylie is 5 Ĺ, Brady is almost 4, Addie is 2 and twin boys Tanner and Trey are 8 months. Needless to say, my daughter Bridget is no longer an elementary school teacher, she has her hands full at home. My other twin daughter Elizabeth is still single, and also an elementary school teacher. She is involved big time trying to complete her Masters. She is taking the last two courses of study and she will attain her goal. My youngest daughter Megan with her husband Ryan have TWO children, 2 Ĺ year old Alina and her new baby sister, 6 month old Stella Rose. Megan works at the Lucas County Family Services. The way the economy is, I hope none of my classmates have had to visit her.

As far as Mary and myself, we are doing just fine. Mary, a nurse of 37 years, basically was forced to retire from Toledo Hospital. Seems they have no need for Licensed Practical Nurses anymore. She is now involved with Hospice and babysitting the Grandchildren. I will retire at the end of this year (2011) after 42 years of service. It is time. I have a bunch of things to do around the house, and get myself back into some sort of physical shape. I donít like looking at this balding, fat person that I have become. Once I get everything back together, Mary and I want to do some traveling. Hopefully we might be visiting some of you down the road!
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September 10, 1949 - August 18, 2011
Early in 2011, George wrote:
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